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SF.net SVN: ledger-smb:[6441] trunk/sql/modules

Revision: 6441
Author:   einhverfr
Date:     2014-01-11 08:50:18 +0000 (Sat, 11 Jan 2014)
Log Message:
A number of role changes:
1.  Grants that were to PUBLIC are now to base_user,  so for now having a fix in Fixes.sql that adds all roles in users to this role.
2.  Fixing insufficient perms to edit templates.
3.  Attempt at fixing requirement to have account_edit but not enough info to determine why this would be needed.

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/sql/modules/Fixes.sql
--- trunk/sql/modules/Fixes.sql	2014-01-11 08:00:45 UTC (rev 6440)
+++ trunk/sql/modules/Fixes.sql	2014-01-11 08:50:18 UTC (rev 6441)
@@ -317,4 +317,10 @@
 -- for the purpose of rejecting bits of script which might have already
 -- been executed before.
-update defaults set value='yes' where setting_key='module_load_ok';
\ No newline at end of file
+update defaults set value='yes' where setting_key='module_load_ok';
+SELECT admin__add_user_to_role(username, lsmb__role_prefix() || 'base_user')
+  from users
+ WHERE id NOT IN (select id from lsmb_roles where role_name = lsmb__role_prefix() || 'base_user');

Modified: trunk/sql/modules/Roles.sql
--- trunk/sql/modules/Roles.sql	2014-01-11 08:00:45 UTC (rev 6440)
+++ trunk/sql/modules/Roles.sql	2014-01-11 08:50:18 UTC (rev 6441)
@@ -110,6 +110,8 @@
 GRANT ALL ON SCHEMA public TO public;
+SELECT lsmb__create_role('base_user');
 \echo BUDGETS
 SELECT lsmb__create_role('budget_enter');
@@ -936,6 +938,7 @@
 SELECT lsmb__grant_role('sic_all', 'sic_edit');
 SELECT lsmb__create_role('template_edit');
+SELECT lsmb__grant_perms('template_edit', 'template', 'SELECT');
 SELECT lsmb__grant_menu('template_edit', id, 'allow')
   FROM unnest(array[159,160,161,162,163,164,165,166,167,168,169,170,
@@ -1011,66 +1014,49 @@
   FROM unnest(array[239,240]) id;
 -- Grants to all users;
-GRANT SELECT ON asset_unit_class TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON asset_dep_method TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON lsmb_module TO public; -- everyone needs to read this table and nothing
--- sensitive in that table.
-GRANT SELECT ON makemodel TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON custom_field_catalog TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON custom_table_catalog TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON oe_class TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON note_class TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON account_heading TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON acc_trans TO PUBLIC; -- I don't like this but we need to 
+SELECT lsmb__grant_perms('base_user', obj, 'SELECT')
+  FROM unnest(array['asset_unit_class'::text, 'asset_dep_method',
+                    'lsmb_module', 'business_unit', 'business_unit_class']) obj;
+SELECT lsmb__grant_perms('base_user', obj, 'SELECT')
+  FROM unnest(array['makemodel'::text, 'custom_field_catalog',
+                    'custom_table_catalog', 'oe_class', 'note_class']) obj;
+SELECT lsmb__grant_perms('base_user', obj, 'SELECT')
+  FROM unnest(array['account_heading'::text, 'account',
+                    'acc_trans', 'account_link', 'defaults']) obj;
+                                     -- I don't like loose grants on acc_trans
+                                     -- but we need to 
                                      -- change the all years function to be
                                      -- security definer first. -- CT
-GRANT ALL ON defaults TO public;
-GRANT ALL ON "session" TO public;
-GRANT ALL ON session_session_id_seq TO PUBLIC;
-GRANT SELECT ON users TO public;
-GRANT ALL ON user_preference TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON user_listable TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON custom_table_catalog TO PUBLIC;
-GRANT SELECT ON custom_field_catalog TO PUBLIC;
-grant select on menu_node, menu_attribute, menu_acl to public;
-GRANT select on chart, gifi, country to public;
-GRANT SELECT ON parts, partsgroup TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON language TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON business, exchangerate, new_shipto, tax TO public;
-GRANT ALL ON recurring, recurringemail, recurringprint, status TO public; 
-GRANT ALL ON transactions TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON entity_employee TO public;
+SELECT lsmb__grant_perms('base_user', obj, 'SELECT')
+  FROM unnest(array['contact_class'::text, 'batch_class',
+                    'entity_class', 'lsmb_roles', 'users']) obj;
+SELECT lsmb__grant_perms('base_user', obj, 'ALL')
+  FROM unnest(array['session'::text, 'session_session_id_seq',
+                    'user_preference', 'status', 'recurring',
+                    'recurringemail', 'recurringprint', 'transactions',
+                    'ac_tax_form', 'invoice_tax_form', 'lsmb_sequence']) obj;
+-- transactions table needs to be better locked down in 1.5
+SELECT lsmb__grant_perms('base_user', obj, 'SELECT')
+  FROM unnest(array['user_listable'::text, 'language',
+                    'menu_node', 'menu_attribute', 'menu_acl',
+                    'chart', 'gifi', 'country', 'taxmodule',
+                    'parts', 'partsgroup', 'country_tax_form', 'translation',
+                    'business', 'exchangerate', 'new_shipto', 'tax',
+                    'entity_employee', 'jcitems', 'salutation', 'assembly']) obj;
+SELECT lsmb__grant_perms('base_user', obj, 'SELECT')
+  FROM unnest(array['partstax'::text, 'partscustomer',
+                    'account_heading_tree', 'payment_type', 'warehouse',
+                    'employee_search', 'sic', 'voucher', 'mime_type',
+                    'parts_translation', 'partsgroup_translation', 
+                    'asset_report_class', 'asset_rl_to_disposal_method',
+                    'asset_disposal_method', 'file_class', 'jctype']) obj;
 REVOKE INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE ON entity_employee FROM public; --fixing old perms
-GRANT ALL ON invoice_tax_form TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON taxmodule TO public;
-GRANT ALL ON ac_tax_form to public;
-GRANT SELECT ON country_tax_form to public;
-GRANT SELECT ON translation TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON pricegroup TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON partstax TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON salutation TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON partscustomer TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON assembly TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON jcitems TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON account_heading_tree TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON payment_type TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON lsmb_roles TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON employee_search TO PUBLIC;
-GRANT SELECT ON warehouse TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON voucher TO public;
-GRANT select ON account, account_link, account_link_description TO PUBLIC;
-GRANT select ON sic TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON parts_translation,  partsgroup_translation TO public;
-GRANT SELECT ON asset_report_class, asset_rl_to_disposal_method,
-                asset_disposal_method TO PUBLIC;
-GRANT SELECT ON mime_type, file_class TO PUBLIC;
-GRANT ALL ON lsmb_sequence TO PUBLIC;
+SELECT lsmb__grant_exec('base_user', 'user__get_all_users()');
-GRANT EXECUTE ON FUNCTION user__get_all_users() TO public;
 INSERT INTO menu_acl (node_id, acl_type, role_name)
 SELECT i_id, 'allow', 'public'
   FROM unnest(array[191,192,193]) i_id

Modified: trunk/sql/modules/admin.sql
--- trunk/sql/modules/admin.sql	2014-01-11 08:00:45 UTC (rev 6440)
+++ trunk/sql/modules/admin.sql	2014-01-11 08:50:18 UTC (rev 6441)
@@ -39,7 +39,9 @@
         EXECUTE stmt;
         insert into lsmb_roles (user_id, role) 
-        SELECT id, in_role from users where username = in_username;
+        SELECT id, in_role from users where username = in_username 
+               AND id not in (select user_id from lsmb_roles 
+                               where role = in_role);
         return 1;
@@ -381,6 +383,9 @@
         select * into a_user from users lu where lu.id = in_id;
         IF FOUND THEN 
+            SELECT admin__add_user_to_role(
+                        a_user.username, 
+                        lsmb__role_prefix() || 'base_user');
             return a_user.id;
             -- Insert cycle
@@ -401,6 +406,9 @@
                 INSERT into entity_employee (entity_id) values (in_entity_id);
             END IF;
             -- Finally, issue the create user statement
+            SELECT admin__add_user_to_role(
+                        in_username, 
+                        lsmb__role_prefix() || 'base_user');
             return v_user_id ;

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