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SF.net SVN: ledger-smb:[6428] branches/1.3/sql/modules/Roles.sql

Revision: 6428
Author:   pongracz
Date:     2014-01-09 13:15:45 +0000 (Thu, 09 Jan 2014)
Log Message:
Fix for bug #903 - Cannot delete warehouse. New role and permission added for delete, so, if a user has no rights to delete, he/she will not able to delete an existing warehouse. Please note: I did not find trigger for deleting warehouse - which enable or disable the delete based on items in that warehouse - , so, I cannot predict at this moment, what happens if there are items in the specified warehouse. Delete is useful when one build up a warehouse system but accidentaly setup more than enough or want to wipe out never-used-warehouses. In other words, it could be handy on system setup.

Modified Paths:

Property Changed:

Modified: branches/1.3/sql/modules/Roles.sql
--- branches/1.3/sql/modules/Roles.sql	2014-01-08 14:04:35 UTC (rev 6427)
+++ branches/1.3/sql/modules/Roles.sql	2014-01-09 13:15:45 UTC (rev 6428)
@@ -826,6 +826,11 @@
 GRANT UPDATE ON warehouse TO "lsmb_<?lsmb dbname ?>__warehouse_edit";
+CREATE ROLE "lsmb_<?lsmb dbname ?>__warehouse_delete"
+GRANT DELETE ON warehouse TO "lsmb_<?lsmb dbname ?>__warehouse_delete";
 INSERT INTO menu_acl (node_id, acl_type, role_name)
 values (143, 'allow', 'lsmb_<?lsmb dbname ?>__warehouse_edit');

Property changes on: branches/1.3/sql/modules/Roles.sql
Added: svn:text-time
## -0,0 +1 ##
\ No newline at end of property
Added: svn:unix-mode
## -0,0 +1 ##
\ No newline at end of property
Added: svn:owner
## -0,0 +1 ##
+0 root
\ No newline at end of property
Added: svn:group
## -0,0 +1 ##
+0 root
\ No newline at end of property
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