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SF.net SVN: ledger-smb:[6214] branches/1.3/Changelog

Revision: 6214
Author:   einhverfr
Date:     2013-11-04 10:03:26 +0000 (Mon, 04 Nov 2013)
Log Message:
final changelog entry for 1.3.35

Modified Paths:

Modified: branches/1.3/Changelog
--- branches/1.3/Changelog	2013-11-04 09:47:16 UTC (rev 6213)
+++ branches/1.3/Changelog	2013-11-04 10:03:26 UTC (rev 6214)
@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@
 * Fixed '0' invoice number on customer history summary (Chris T)
 * Added 'created on' date to invoices (Pongracz I)
 * Condensed income statement and balance sheet for readability (Erik H)
+* Updated Hungarian Charts of Accounts (Pongracz I)
 Chris T is Chris Travers
 Nick P is Nick Prater

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