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SF.net SVN: ledger-smb:[5760] trunk/sql/upgrade/1.3-1.4.sql

Revision: 5760
Author:   einhverfr
Date:     2013-05-11 06:29:12 +0000 (Sat, 11 May 2013)
Log Message:
rebuilding sequences on 1.3-1.4 upgrade

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/sql/upgrade/1.3-1.4.sql
--- trunk/sql/upgrade/1.3-1.4.sql	2013-05-10 15:14:53 UTC (rev 5759)
+++ trunk/sql/upgrade/1.3-1.4.sql	2013-05-11 06:29:12 UTC (rev 5760)
@@ -599,4 +599,64 @@
 INSERT INTO cr_report_line SELECT * FROM lsmb13.cr_report_line;
 INSERT INTO cr_coa_to_account SELECT * FROM lsmb13.cr_coa_to_account;
+SELECT setval('id', max(id)) FROM transactions;
+ SELECT setval('acc_trans_entry_id_seq', max(entry_id)) FROM acc_trans;
+ SELECT setval('partsvendor_entry_id_seq', max(entry_id)) FROM partsvendor;
+ SELECT setval('inventory_entry_id_seq', max(entry_id)) FROM inventory;
+ SELECT setval('partscustomer_entry_id_seq', max(entry_id)) FROM partscustomer;
+ SELECT setval('audittrail_entry_id_seq', max(entry_id)) FROM audittrail;
+ SELECT setval('account_id_seq', max(id)) FROM account;
+ SELECT setval('account_heading_id_seq', max(id)) FROM account_heading;
+ SELECT setval('account_checkpoint_id_seq', max(id)) FROM account_checkpoint;
+ SELECT setval('pricegroup_id_seq', max(id)) FROM pricegroup;
+ SELECT setval('country_id_seq', max(id)) FROM country;
+ SELECT setval('country_tax_form_id_seq', max(id)) FROM country_tax_form;
+ SELECT setval('asset_dep_method_id_seq', max(id)) FROM asset_dep_method;
+ SELECT setval('asset_class_id_seq', max(id)) FROM asset_class;
+ SELECT setval('entity_class_id_seq', max(id)) FROM entity_class;
+ SELECT setval('asset_item_id_seq', max(id)) FROM asset_item;
+ SELECT setval('asset_disposal_method_id_seq', max(id)) FROM asset_disposal_method;
+ SELECT setval('users_id_seq', max(id)) FROM users;
+ SELECT setval('entity_id_seq', max(id)) FROM entity;
+ SELECT setval('company_id_seq', max(id)) FROM company;
+ SELECT setval('location_id_seq', max(id)) FROM location;
+ SELECT setval('open_forms_id_seq', max(id)) FROM open_forms;
+ SELECT setval('location_class_id_seq', max(id)) FROM location_class;
+ SELECT setval('asset_report_id_seq', max(id)) FROM asset_report;
+ SELECT setval('salutation_id_seq', max(id)) FROM salutation;
+ SELECT setval('person_id_seq', max(id)) FROM person;
+ SELECT setval('contact_class_id_seq', max(id)) FROM contact_class;
+ SELECT setval('entity_credit_account_id_seq', max(id)) FROM entity_credit_account;
+ SELECT setval('entity_bank_account_id_seq', max(id)) FROM entity_bank_account;
+ SELECT setval('note_class_id_seq', max(id)) FROM note_class;
+ SELECT setval('note_id_seq', max(id)) FROM note;
+ SELECT setval('batch_class_id_seq', max(id)) FROM batch_class;
+ SELECT setval('batch_id_seq', max(id)) FROM batch;
+ SELECT setval('invoice_id_seq', max(id)) FROM invoice;
+ SELECT setval('voucher_id_seq', max(id)) FROM voucher;
+ SELECT setval('parts_id_seq', max(id)) FROM parts;
+ SELECT setval('taxmodule_taxmodule_id_seq', max(taxmodule_id)) FROM taxmodule;
+ SELECT setval('taxcategory_taxcategory_id_seq', max(taxcategory_id)) FROM taxcategory;
+ SELECT setval('oe_id_seq', max(id)) FROM oe;
+ SELECT setval('orderitems_id_seq', max(id)) FROM orderitems;
+ SELECT setval('business_id_seq', max(id)) FROM business;
+ SELECT setval('warehouse_id_seq', max(id)) FROM warehouse;
+ SELECT setval('partsgroup_id_seq', max(id)) FROM partsgroup;
+ SELECT setval('jcitems_id_seq', max(id)) FROM jcitems;
+ SELECT setval('payment_type_id_seq', max(id)) FROM payment_type;
+ SELECT setval('custom_table_catalog_table_id_seq', max(table_id)) FROM custom_table_catalog;
+ SELECT setval('custom_field_catalog_field_id_seq', max(field_id)) FROM custom_field_catalog;
+ SELECT setval('menu_node_id_seq', max(id)) FROM menu_node;
+ SELECT setval('menu_attribute_id_seq', max(id)) FROM menu_attribute;
+ SELECT setval('menu_acl_id_seq', max(id)) FROM menu_acl;
+ SELECT setval('pending_job_id_seq', max(id)) FROM pending_job;
+ SELECT setval('new_shipto_id_seq', max(id)) FROM new_shipto;
+ SELECT setval('payment_id_seq', max(id)) FROM payment;
+ SELECT setval('cr_report_id_seq', max(id)) FROM cr_report;
+ SELECT setval('cr_report_line_id_seq', max(id)) FROM cr_report_line;
+UPDATE defaults SET value = '1.4.0' WHERE setting_key = 'version';

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