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SF.net SVN: ledger-smb:[5575] trunk/sql/modules/Roles.sql

Revision: 5575
Author:   freelock
Date:     2013-01-15 01:10:49 +0000 (Tue, 15 Jan 2013)
Log Message:
Added some missing permissions

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/sql/modules/Roles.sql
--- trunk/sql/modules/Roles.sql	2013-01-15 01:09:55 UTC (rev 5574)
+++ trunk/sql/modules/Roles.sql	2013-01-15 01:10:49 UTC (rev 5575)
@@ -105,6 +105,7 @@
 GRANT SELECT ON entity_to_location TO "lsmb_<?lsmb dbname ?>__contact_read";
 GRANT SELECT ON eca_to_location TO "lsmb_<?lsmb dbname ?>__contact_read";
 GRANT SELECT ON eca_to_contact TO "lsmb_<?lsmb dbname ?>__contact_read";
+GRANT SELECT ON eca_note TO "lsmb_<?lsmb dbname ?>__contact_read";
 GRANT EXECUTE ON FUNCTION eca__list_notes(int)  TO "lsmb_<?lsmb dbname ?>__contact_read";
 CREATE ROLE "lsmb_<?lsmb dbname ?>__contact_class_vendor" WITH INHERIT NOLOGIN;
@@ -1106,6 +1107,8 @@
 IN ROLE "lsmb_<?lsmb dbname ?>__gl_reports";
 GRANT select ON yearend TO "lsmb_<?lsmb dbname ?>__financial_reports";
+GRANT select ON cash_impact TO "lsmb_<?lsmb dbname ?>__financial_reports";
+GRANT select ON tx_report TO "lsmb_<?lsmb dbname ?>__financial_reports";
 INSERT INTO menu_acl (node_id, acl_type, role_name)
 values (110, 'allow', 'lsmb_<?lsmb dbname ?>__financial_reports');

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