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LedgerSMB 1.3.25 released

The LedgerSMB team is pleased to announce the release of LedgerSMB 1.3.25.  With this release we mostly have focused on cosmetic changes for the software, thus reducing the sorts of user interface issues that are likely to cause minor headaches for users of the software.

There are, however, three significant issues that have been corrected in this release which make an upgrade recommended for everyone:

1:  In previous versions, term of payment on sales orders and purchase orders were not properly respected.

2:  The letter head sections of the templates was not properly populated when invoices and orders were sent out and

3:  Under some specific configurations, it was possible to define taxes such that one could generate an error when creating an invoice.

Additionally a number of plact/fcgi-related bugs have been fixed, and so anyone using this experimental add-on should upgrade immediately.

Finally we added a new command line tool for database setup which allows databases to be created from the command line on non-GNU environments.

The full changelog is below.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

Changelog for 1.3.25
* Fixed internal server errors on LedgerSMB->error() during new() (Chris T)
* Fixed pricematrix rows not showing where pricegroups are used (Chris T)
* Fixed missing grant in some cases on cr_coa_to_account (Chris T)
* Fixed letterhead not showing up on emailed invoices (Chris T, h/t Kevin B)
* Fixed blank screen on posting AR/IS/OE via FCGI (Chris T)
* Fixed ECA's not distinct on parts screen and search (Chris T, 3550075)
* Fixed error saving imported user with no existing db role (Chris T, 3559844)
* Added ar-transation.csv and ap-transaction.csvn templates (Erik H)
* Fixed blank screen processing recurring transactiosn in fcgi (Chris T)
* Removed blank/unused Contact/Employee dropdown on shipping screen (Chris T)
* Fixed internal server errors retrieving taxes with invalid dates (Chris T)
* Fixed taxform "default reportable" checkbox not persisted (Chris T, 3581310)
* Fixed labelling of vendor column on taxform reports (Chris T, 3581317)
* Fixed terms of sales/purchase order not respected (Chris T, 3581337)
* Added Perl equivalent to prepare-company-database.sh (Chris T, 3551127)
* Fixed prepare-company-database.sh, test getopt version. (Havard S, 3551127)

Chris T is Chris Travers
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
Kevin B is Kevin Bailey
Havard S is Havard Sorli