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New 1.3 snapshot available

Hi all;

We have released a new snapshot, available at

This snapshot has known bugs, but it also fixes issues in the areas of:
1)  User management
2)  emailing invoices
3)  Employee management
4)  Price matrix

Additionally the beginnings of code to attach files to gl, ar, and ap
transactions has been added although it is not fully functional
(orders and quotations will also have file attachments).  Also all new
code has been reviewed and documented at least a little (patches here
are welcome!) and so from here on out there is unlikely to be much
code pruning in 1.3.

The following bugs are currently open on Souceforge

 3382956	Same invoice posted multiple times (confirmed, when reloading page)
 3382927	LaTeX escaping	 (report was involving $ characters, not confirmed)
 3380253	1.3, print check from AP transaction screen fails	(confirmed,
data structure mismatch)
 3380041	Clearing voided against a voiding invoice: returns an error
(confirmed, I haven't begun troubleshooting though)

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers