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Web site issues, status, and next steps

Hi all;

Yesterday afternoon or evening, the LedgerSMB web site appears to have
gone down.  The proximal cause appears to be a DNS migration gone awry
on the part of the registrar.  The issues are ongoing and are not
expected to be resolved until tomorrow at the earliest.  The project
is not going anywhere, though we expect to move to a different
registrar as quickly as possible.

For the past decade, I had previously used DiscountDomainRegistry.com
without any problems until this year when an earlier outage occurred
because of a change of control and subsequent migration.  Now web.com
purchased them and did another migration and the result is that all
dns records are lost as far as I can tell, and they do not currently
provide me a way to correct them.  Yesterday I spent an hour on hold
and then another half an hour on the phone with their tech support,
and the result was that they opened a ticket (and it now directs to a
parked domain marker).  I called today and tech support flat out told
me they had no idea what to do in these cases, and that I should call
back tomorrow and speak to another department.  The two tickets that
have been created have shown no activity on what I feel is an urgent

After the previous outage we received numerous offers for support
including one that came with funding for the registration.
Unfortunately talks petered out and the domain was never transferred.
I have to take responsibility for allowing this situation to develop,
and I sincerely apologize to the community for this.

Needless to say this is not a tolerable situation nor does it inspire
confidence in those who host our DNS.  I intend to transfer the
registration and DNS hosting as soon as possible.   Please stay tuned.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers