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Hotfix for 1.2.5: Corrupted Dates on Financial Statements

Hi all;

A new problem has been found in 1.2.5's date handling which causes
financial statements to display invalid dates including part of a META
tag setting the page charset to utf-8.  This only affects 1.2.5, and
again those who are not affected by the specific problems in 1.2.5 are
advised to wait for 1.2.6.

The problem has been corrected and the fix applied to SVN.  It will be
included in 1.2.6.

People experiencing this error have three options:
1)  Download a current copy of Locale.pm from SVN branches/1.2
2)  Contact me and I will send you a known working copy
3)  Reinstall 1.2.4.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers