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[ledgersmb-users] Initial installation
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[ledgersmb-users] Initial installation

A bit of background: Albury Men's Shed is part of the Australian Men's Shed Association 🇦🇺 catering for manual activities for older men (there is a women's side too).
They want to move to computer based book keeping and I am promoting LedgerSMB as a simple, user friendly solution having previously used SQL-Ledger in my business.
I am encouraging them to use a Raspberry Pi 400 as a low cost, stand alone, solution, avoiding the horrors of the office M$ 10.
The RPi400 has Raspbios installed (essentially Debian 11 Bullseye) and I have added apache2 and postgresql and LedgerSMB from the Raspberry repositories. I notice that the postgresql installation is both v11 and v13, but the LedgerSMB installed is only v1.6.9. I have the Apache server set up as a  reverse proxy and can get locahost:5762/login.pl and local host:5762/setup.pl to come up.
During the installation of LedgerSMB I was offered lsmb_dbadmin as the database admin user; does this replace the more traditional postgres as the master admin, or is this additional.
I recall seeing somewhere that there may be a clash between some earlier LedgerSMB versions and later postgresql versions.
I do have the doco from the book site and will spend the weekend working with that (rain is forecast for the next 4 days 😭).
Any guiding comments are welcomed.

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