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[ledgersmb-users] Once again going to try to port into OpenBSD. :-}
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[ledgersmb-users] Once again going to try to port into OpenBSD. :-}

Hello again!

I found a nice Black Friday special on a server I can afford.
So, another time, 4th time, but who's counting?

As I suspected, I would hit a moment where I couldn't come up with $136
a month. So I had to drop that server. Same server, but $67 now.

I saved my work on github, which is a big mess, but will help a lot.

I learned a ton about submitting and how to deal with that set of Locale::CLDR

I also had a strange problem. As far as I have seen, nobody has ever
done a project with dozens of dependencies to bring in as just a single
person. These types of projects have always been done by groups or
really top notch porters, with commit powers to the CVS repository.

One problem I had was not seeing the obvious solution to how to deal
with really long chains of new dependencies.
The people who review submissions DO NOT want single ports to be
submitted one at a time, because they are very busy.
It didn't occur to me how to deal with this problem until after I
stopped working on this.
Rather than submit a ridiculously long set of 12 or more dependencies
from the LedgerSMB cpanfile outwards, I needed to go out to the end of
the chain and work inwards instead, thus submitting only 2-4 at a time.

I am now starting up again.
I would really appreciate any help, including just a little bit.
Even getting just one Perl module ready to submit is more than enough.

Different OS's have different goals. OpenBSD is primarily security
oriented, so the method of getting a port ready is very strict.
Building a port outside of the porting system is strictly forbidden.

The FAQ's about porting and the man pages are a bit overwhelming, but
most of the needed dependencies are pretty easy to work with.
It does require running OpenBSD -current, but that has been amazingly
good for quite some time.

If you would either like to help or just tell me if you are wanting this
to be done, please let me know. Just telling me you want this is really
encouraging for me.

My ugly mess is at https://github.com/CPBen/LSMB-for-OBSD-WIP

It's so messy since I had to upload and download a few hundred GB to and
from home and across two servers. Sorry.

Chris Bennett

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