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[ledgersmb-users] 1.7.18 setup.pl problems
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[ledgersmb-users] 1.7.18 setup.pl problems

Gday folks,

currently trying to install version 1.7.18 & have got to the point of pointing my browser at <ip-address>/setup.pl, but am getting "internal server error"

i'm setting it up on a virtual machine (ubuntu 20.04) & have run through the setup procedure - postgres is running & configurable, reverse proxy nginx running (can hit it ok from a browser), starman appears to be running ok, but no dice on the setup.pl

<ip-addy>/login.pl gives me a login screen, but at the moment I've got nothing to log in to..

is there anywhere I should be looking for logs (/var/log/nginx/access/error aren't that enlightening - just error 500)

thanks in advance,

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