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[ledgersmb-users] inventory import
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[ledgersmb-users] inventory import

I'm not making any progress.

Now I get an "internal server error" when I click on the menu item
for "import inventory".

syslog reports

Jan 15 22:24:03 host starman[322]: Attempt to reload LedgerSMB/Scripts/import_csv.pm aborted.
Jan 15 22:24:03 host starman[322]: Compilation failed
in require at /usr/share/perl5/Module/Runtime.pm line 314.

So I restarted the vm guest that is running lsmb.  And I restarted
the vm host.  And it is still the same as above.

Other menu items work.

I currently have to "companies" set up, one that I intend to be
the real one, and one that's just for testing and trying.  I am
getting the same error on both!

Any ideas on what I should try now to get my inventory in?

I did succeed in getting about 10 items imported to the postgres
"parts" table directly from a csv file.  I was hoping the "import"
script would be able to finish by putting in quantity on hand and
purchase amounts.

I also tried the new "goods" script and get the same "line 134"
error in the log.

-- f
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