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Re: [ledgersmb-users] Granting read only access
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Re: [ledgersmb-users] Granting read only access

Hi Bill,

Yes, it's a bit more complicated than that, because that wouldn't provide your accountant with the right setup for any menus to show up.

From my reading of the list of permissions, you probably need something close to:

 - ap transaction list
 - ar transaction list
 - base user
 - batch list
 - contact class *
 - contact read
 - file read
 - financial reports
 - gl reports
 - inventory reports
 - sales quotation list
 - sales order list
 - rfq list
 - purchase order list
To be honest, I haven't tried this setup yet, so you probably want to click around and assert that the accountant has the correct access rights.

You're touching on an old topic here though: we want to offer some default business roles, one of which is "read only user" (or "auditor") which is a collection of the existing application roles. If you have this use-case now, it'd be a great time to start working on this feature. Please provide any feedback you have with the above set of roles - either in the bug tracker, here or in the chat channel - so we start collecting the information we need to build it.



On Fri, Dec 14, 2018 at 7:01 PM bill Ott <..hidden..> wrote:
Hi, I want to give my tax accountant read only access to my 1.5.12
ledgersmb business account. This is not separation of duties, but more
like "separate" duties. My accountant needs to see everything including
saved files pretty much attached to every invoice.

Initially I thought this might be as simple as  logging into postgresql
database and executing a "grant select on database my_company_db to

Having looked at the tables in ledgersmb
(lsmb_my_company_db__user_manage being one), I suspect it isn't that
straight forward.

What do I need to do?

Bill Ott

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