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[ledgersmb-users] [ANNOUNCE] LedgerSMB 1.6.0-rc1 released
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[ledgersmb-users] [ANNOUNCE] LedgerSMB 1.6.0-rc1 released


After the LedgerSMB 1.6.0-beta2 release of last week, work has continued and we've found and solved several issues. We're now releasing 1.6.0-rc1 with the fixes listed below for your testing. Please send feedback to ..hidden.. or file your issues through GitHub (https://github.com/ledgersmb/LedgerSMB/issues).

Fixes in LedgerSMB 1.6.0-rc1 (over 1.6.0-beta2):

- Fixed file (document attachment) uploads
- Fix (invoice, etc) template uploads
- Fix SQL Ledger migration script execution

With special thanks to Nick Prater who found and fixed all of them.

Please note that we're releasing 1.6.0-rc1; this means we think this code is production ready and that the database schema is stable. You're highly encouraged to try this version, however, if you run it in production (even though some of the developers are), you should consider yourself an early adopter. We'd highly appreciate your testing and feedback.

For an overview of the changes in version 1.6, please check our release notes: https://ledgersmb.org/content/16-release-notes; for an in-depth listing of the changes since 1.5, see our Changelog: https://github.com/ledgersmb/LedgerSMB/blob/master/Changelog#L2-L60

As always, the release can be downloaded from the download site:


Or Docker images can be pulled through:

  $ docker pull ledgersmb/ledgersmb:1.6

With our Docker Compose file (https://github.com/ledgersmb/ledgersmb-docker/blob/1.6/docker-compose.yml), you can set up a full evaluation environment with a single command:

   $ docker-compose up -d

from the directory where the docker-compose.yml file is stored.



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