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Re: 1.5.3 install

Hi Rob,

On Mon, Mar 13, 2017 at 9:25 PM, R. Ransbottom <..hidden..> wrote:


I have been distracted, but things are settling down somewhat so
I'm starting 1.5.3.

Just a few hours ago, we released 1.5.4. Can I suggest you use that? The changelog is sizeable:

  • Updated Dojo from 1.10.6 to 1.10.7 (Erik H)
  • Add missing defaults in ledgersmb.conf 'database' section (David G, #2632)
  • Add 2 missing RHEL dependencies to Makefile (David G)
  • Add conf/README.md describing the content of conf/ (David G)
  • Fixed bug in template processing only seen on CentOS (Chris T)
  • Transaction forgets payment account on Update (Nick P, #2580)
  • Updates to sample config and Makefile (Bill O)
  • Improved table reading experience for dynatable based reports (Erik H)
  • Fix file attachments shown twice after migration from 1.3 (Erik H, #2659)
  • Fix two issues in the 1.3->1.5 migration script (Erik H)
Why are the "in-depth installation instructions" not part of the

That's a deliberate choice: we can update the docs on our site, even after the release has sailed, but we can't update any instructions in the release tarbal: the sha2 sums have been sent out and included in the release e-mail. We can't replace the package after that.

Let us know what you're finding with 1.5.3/1.5.4.




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