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Re: Migrating from 1.3.30 to 1.5.3

Hi Bill,

On Mon, Feb 27, 2017 at 6:28 PM, bill Ott <..hidden..> wrote:
I have successfully moved the database from ledgersmb 1.3.30 (postgresql 9.1.7)  to ledgersmb 1.5.3 (postgresql  9.5.6). I can do SQL selects in either and get the same results.

Great news! Thanks for sharing!
  When I attempt to access the database from ledgersmb 1.5.3 I get an error saying that the is a Database mismatch.

 "database mismatch" (or rather database match) is determined by looking at the value in the output column if you run this query:

   SELECT * FROM defaults WHERE setting_key = 'version';

What is the output this statement in your setup?
The documentation hints "Please reload the templates into the database after upgrading to 1.5. The database maintenance utility setup.pl offers this functionality through it's "Load Templates" button. I cannot find the referenced button.  Any help appreciated.

While this advice is correct, it's not helpful in your case. It's talking about the templates in the database from which invoices are printed. These used to be stored on disk and now have to be loaded in the database. The upgrade process *should* take care of that.

The advice you're looking for is that you can log in into your database through setup.pl and click the "Rebuild" button. That *should* resolve your issue, but I'm still very interested in hearing what the version number is that the query above reports.



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