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Re: Creating a database on LedgerSMB 1.5.2 - SOLVED

 I would like to share my experiences with installing 1.5.2 from sourceforge into a bare minimal debian 8.7 netinst.

Everything went fine, more or less, following the Installation guide and quickstart from ledgersmb.org

I only use starman without nginx/apache etc. as it is an evaluation instance.

To access the server from outside, I had to change the listen address in /etc/systemd/system/starman-ledgersmb.service.

After that I realized, the web page of setup.pl is a little bit strange and nothing works at all: create and login no effect. Erik mentioned to check the console of the browser to see, everything read fine (_javascript_s etc.), so, there were several dojo related things missing.

I just issued an apt-get install libjs-dojo-core libjs-dojo-dijit to install from debian repository into /usr/share/_javascript_/dojo and dijit. After that I copied both directories into /opt/ledgersmb/js-src and changed the ownership to ledgersmb:ledgersmb

After restarting the ledgersmb service, it just started working as expected.

Thank you!

Best regards,




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