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Re: ledgermsb on windows 10

Hi Ryle,

It's been a long time since anyone has done a server install directly on windows.

The client is just a Web browser so that can be run on windows without any trouble.

I'd suggest your best path for running a server on Windows would be by running a small linux Virtual Machine. 

We don't currently have any ready to go Virtual Machine  images. However it wouldn't take me long to set one up this evening if you wanted to go down that path.

Do you already use virtual box or vmware?
If not I'd suggest virtual box as the easiest and it works as well as vmware in most cases 

David Godfrey 

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From: Ryle Zabate <..hidden..>
Date: 6/12/2016 14:28 (GMT+08:00)
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Subject: [Ledger-smb-users] ledgermsb on windows 10

good day!

hello everyone, does anybody can share to me the successful setup of the supported ledgersmb version over windows platform?
i did try my best to succeed but i just cannot do the  installation alone and i guess i need some help from you team.!


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