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Re: Upgrade to 1.4.33 Problems

On Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 10:27 PM, Dave Morgan <..hidden..> wrote:


> Hi Erik
> On 09/13/2016 02:17 PM, Erik Huelsmann wrote:


>> Hi Dave,
>> Which PostgreSQL version?
> Client is 9.2.15, server is 8.4.
> Upgrading the server is not an option at this time, unfortunately

Ok. That explains the problem: See http://ledgersmb.org/faq#n34 (the compatibility matrix for versions of LedgerSMB versus PostgreSQL) with lists 8.4 as not supported for 1.4.

You might want to install an (additional) PostgreSQL version from http://yum.postgresql.org/ or https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/Apt

You can install these next to any current PostgreSQL version that may be installed.





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