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Invite required to join ledgersmb chat on Vector?

On the ledgersmb web site, I'm reading the section on IRC support at:

It includes a link to:

Following this link gives only a preview page:

> This is a preview of this room. Room interactions have been disabled.
> You are trying to access LedgerSMB.
> Would you like to _join_ in order to participate in the discussion?

Clicking 'join' says:

> Failed to join room
> You are not invited to this room.

I am logged in to Vector (having just created an account to interact 
with ledgersmb).

Is there a particular process or approval required to join the 
discussion? I imagine it's meant to be open to anyone, so perhaps 
something is configured wrongly?

In the meantime, the old-school freenode link works fine, with no need 
for an invitation, though without history:


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