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Re: Apache config + startup.pl attached; Re: Apache2 with Plack;

Hi Marjan,

[ Switched Apache2 to prefork mpm from event mpm ]

Running on the Prefork MPM isn't much better, I'm affraid. What I've been able to establish through debugging now, is that there's one thing very different in this setup than on any other setup: It's not an uninitialized value that's causing the problem; it's an object of type Apache2::RequestRec which is specific to this setup that's causing the problem.
Knowing what the problem is, I can at least put a patch in 1.4.30 which works around this problem: it's a 2-line change (in 5 files). That'd at least allow you to further experiment with the setup. Would that be helpful? (Once the change is in the tree, you could even apply it to your local 1.4.<anything> installation; I don't think these files have changed in ages.

This is the commit that was required to work around the mod_perl2 problem: https://github.com/ledgersmb/LedgerSMB/commit/362bf91a41359a462aa62eef1839e31d732e73d2  Maybe you can cherry-pick it into your own tree until 1.4.30 is released? (It's scheduled for release in 1.4.30.)



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