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Re: Apache config + startup.pl attached; Re: Apache2 with Plack;

I have been running an Apache 1 chrooted server with mod_perl for a long
One day I decided to look carefully at my startup.pl.

I decided to follow backwards on each required module, finding every
last one of the modules they loaded with use (). I then added each one,
in the order that they were needed by the next module to be loaded.
I found two things. Apache started much faster. More important, I found
that the speed of my applications were significantly faster, as in very
noticeable, not just a minor bump.
mod_perl keeps Apache children running for a good while, but then they
are reloaded. I am guessing, but I think the speed up might be due to
the fresh children for a new call to the app having everything pre-set
for efficiency. Of course I could be wrong, I am running in a chroot,
but I think a more complete and ordered startup.pl might be worth the
effort. Or not. Try it if you want to. I'd love to know what, if
anything, it does.

Chris Bennett

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