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Bugs setting up a company database;

Hi all,

Before submitting bugs and/or feature requests on github I'd like to share
my experiences on this mailing list.

Since I wanted the most recent LSMB version I choose to download the tar
archive (1.4.27) from Sourceforge.
I used the INSTALL file for the installation instructions.
Instead using the Debian packages I used cpanmin.us to install all
required Perl modules.

* My two cents: Move Perl the module dependency list out of the INSTALL.md
  into a separate file which can be fed to cpanminus.

Then I stumbled over the section "Initializing a company database".
First I tried setting up a database using "setup.pl" via the browser,
but failed since I missed the trick of specifying a non-existant
company name.

* For all stupid users like me, it might be a good idea to add a
  menu button "create new company database" in setup.pl

Peeking in the actual INSTALL.md on github learned that above issue
has been addressed: a paragraph was added to demystify this.

* Please backport this paragraph to the 1.4.27 INSTALL file

Since setup.pl failed I tried to create the company database using
the "prepare-company-database.sh" script.
No luck!
It emerged this script has several bugs:

209: su -c ""
The su lacks the argument of the Linux user "postgres".
This causes the script to fail: "Peer Authentication failed"

254: if ! test "x$pgsql_contrib_dir" = "xignored"
Typo. Should be: if ! test "x$pgsql_contrib_dir" = "xignore"

288: person__save(NULL,
pgsql function "person__save" fails because in LSMB 1.4 two new args
were added to this function.
As a result no "admin" user is created, rendering the DB unusable
for login.

In commit 7d09fc9d (2015-11-21 Erik Huelsmann) the script

"prepare-company-database.sh" has been dropped completely.

* INSTALL.md still refers to the non-existing script


It seems the shell script
"prepare-company-database.sh" has been
replaced by it Perl variant "prepare-company-database.pl".
So I gave that script a try.
But alas, the A's were not in my cards:

# ./tools/prepare-company-database.pl --company tuxtest2 --coa /usr/share/ledgersmb/sql/coa/be/chart/G
eneral.sql --password LSMB
DBI connect('dbname=tuxtest2','',...) failed: fe_sendauth: no password supplied at ./tools/prepare-com
pany-database.pl line 159.
Can't call method "prepare" on an undefined value at ./tools/prepare-company-database.pl line 164.

I stopped hacking here.


Marjan Waldorp

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