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Re: Upgrading 1.3.47 to 1.4.27: No duplicate meta_numbers.

Ok. Got help on IRC to fix that. :-)
Now I get this error:

GIFI accounts not in "gifi" table
Please use the 1.3/1.4 UI to add the GIFI accounts

I don't use GIFI and indeed the 'gifi' table is empty, and there is no 
'gifi_accno' table.  I tried to enter something into the 'gifi' table 
using 1.3 UI, but no success.  How can I get rid off this?


Den 16. april 2016 16:04, skrev David G:
> Hi Arne,
> This may be easier to deal with if you can drop in on the IRC channel
> Either by visiting
> https://vector.im/develop/#/room/#ledgersmb:matrix.org
> or joining #ledgersmb on the freenode IRC network
> On 16/04/16 18:37, Arne Hanssen wrote:
>> Hi.  I'm trying to upgrade on my Xubuntu Linux 15.10 system, my second
>> attempt.  This time all goes well until running setup.pl. After logging
>> in and answering Yes to upgrade from 1.3 I get this response:
>> -----------------------------------------
>> No duplicate meta_numbers
>> Make sure all meta numbers are unique.
>> meta_number        description
>> [00000]
>> [00000]
>> [Save and Retry]
>> -----------------------------------------
>> (The brackets around '00000' is to illustrate that both these are inside
>> a box, 'Save and Retry' is a button).
>> How can I fix this?  Everything is running on my PC (localhost), but I'm
>> using virtual host 'ledgersmb' (which also is - worked ok in
>> 1.3.47.
>> Apache2 error log looks like this:
>> [Sat Apr 16 11:46:19.337846 2016] [cgi:error] [pid 28432] [client
>> [...]

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