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Change description of gl transaction.

Is it possible to change the description of an entry in the gl table?
Seems like this has change some time ago.  I'm using 1.3.47 and I get 
this error:

# UPDATE gl SET description='Kont. Arne H.' WHERE id='630';

ERROR:  null value in column "person_id" violates not-null constraint
DETAIL:  Failing row contains (630, gl, 16-031, null, UPDATE, 2016-03-27 
17:45:33.702631, null, 2398).
CONTEXT:  SQL statement "INSERT INTO audittrail 
(trans_id,tablename,reference, action, person_id)
values (t_row.id,TG_RELNAME,t_reference, TG_OP, person__get_my_entity_id())"
PL/pgSQL function gl_audit_trail_append() line 19 at SQL statement

The contents is this:

# select * from gl where id='630';

  id  | reference |    description    | transdate  | person_id | notes | 
approved | department_id
  630 | 16-031    | Kont. Arnstein I. | 2016-03-11 | |       | t        
|             0
(1 row)

This is not a big deal, I don't bother to make any correction 
transactions from within LSMB for this minor error, but it woud be nice 
to correct this in the db (as I now and then must do for transdate in 
table acc_trans when I forget to set correct date on save/post and 
today's date is used).  I used to correct dates i gl table also, but 
this isn't allowed enymore?

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