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Re: Service

Hi Bob,

ComputerBase is a retail store that also does on-site consulting.  Setting up the inventory was straight forward but setting up a service wasn't.  The Number and Description are fine but there are 2 drop downs that I don't understand, Income which goes to Shipping and handling and Expense which goes to Purchase.  Neither of these apply to a service.  What do I do with them?

These dropdowns indicate on which accounts the income/expense for the service will be posted. The accounts you can select for each depends on which accounts have been marked for "Income" / "Expense" in the "non-tracking items" line of the account configuration screen.

Did you start with an included chart of accounts? If so, this might indicate there's a bug in the chart of accounts as far as the enabled checkmarks go.

Hope that helps.

If not, please follow up to the mailing list and maybe I can send some links to screenshots.




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