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FX: prices agreed in one currency, customer pays in another?

Hi all,

One of my customers requires a bit of an irregular (I think) workflow, due to the fact that we agreed on a price in USD, but the customer wants to pay in a different currency (one which he has too much of). When we agreed to this procedure, we also settled on a source for the exchange rates to be used, btw.

So, I've agreed to the *payments* happening in the different currency, but since the exchange rate changes from month to month, the amounts that I am to invoice in the payment currency differs. I think that LedgerSMB's foreign currency invoice didn't take this into account, because I can change the exchange rate, but that doesn't change the invoice amount (it changes the value of the invoice in local currency though). I've now worked around this by adding a remark at the end of the invoice what the amount should be in the payment currency, sending the invoice in the currency in which we agreed on the prices. I'm adding a note to the end of the invoice about the amount and currency to be paid.

Now, I'm sending this e-mail to ask: is this really an irregular situation? Or are you running into this situation too? If the latter, how did you handle your situation?



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