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Re: Upgrading database to new version of ledgersmb

I found that my issue was that the user for the database had no permissions after the upgrade process.  I'm not sure why that happened, but when I went back and added the user back in the groups, the normal functions appeared again on the left pane.


On Wed, Oct 14, 2015 at 8:59 PM, JBash <..hidden..> wrote:
I thought I should also mention that when I downloaded the newer version of ledgersmb (1.4.17-rc1) after untarring it and changing the link, I also re-ran the commands perl Makefile.PL and make test.  The tests passed.  I'm not sure if it's necessary to perform those steps, but I did.

Please let me know what I am missing.


On Wed, Oct 14, 2015 at 8:26 PM, JBash <..hidden..> wrote:

In the process of testing ledgersmb, I have it installed on different machines.  The first version I have tried was 1.4.15 on machine #1.  I then installed 1.4.17-rc1 on another machine (machine #2), and would like to know how to go about upgrading the earlier install, and in the process to be able to use the database I have created on both machines.

I have backed up the database for a company from the 1.4.17-rc1 version (machine #2), and have tested restoring it on that machine*.  I would now like to use that database backup on the machine #1, which had ledgersmb 1.4.15 installed.  I have downloaded ledgersmb-1.4.17rc1 and extracted it to that machine, and changed the link to point to that directory as opposed to the 1.4.15 directory.

I then restored the database on the second machine from the dump on machine #2.  When I then login to that database, I am told that the database version is 1.4.17-rc1 and 1.4.15 is expected, and to run setup.pl to upgrade it.
'Database is not the expected version. Was 1.4.17-rc1, expected 1.4.15. Please re-run setup.pl against this database to correct.setup.pl at LedgerSMB/DBH.pm line 106.'

I assume that I can do that from the browser, and see that I am given an option to upgrade the database.  I select that option, and after a few seconds, am told 

'This database operation has completed successfully. LedgerSMB may now be used.'

But when I log in from the login panel, the only links showing up one the left pane in the browser are 'New Window' and 'Logout'.

Can someone let me know the correct process for upgrading to a new version of ledgersmb?  I am evidently missing something.

Thank you,

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