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Re: CoA PDF report


On Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 11:56:43AM +0200, Erik Huelsmann wrote:

> Yes/no: the paper size has been hard-coded in 
> UI/Reports/display_report.tex:
> ======
> IF !papersize;
>    papersize = 'a4paper';
> END;
> ======

> My thinking is that there should be a system global default for the page
> size (and possibly a user specific preference too?). What do you think?

I'm less sure.  If I'm e-sending an invoice to a customer, no papersize 
setting is a sure match. (For my case, a global setting will be good
for years.)

If there are not many places to "universalize" the margins, I would go 
that way.  From 600 seconds on the web, I gather this generally works.

A solution that is easy, requires no user attention, and deferrs the
issue as much as possible is what I see as good here.


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