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Exchange Rates

Am I right in thinking that ledgersmb 1.4 and earlier store exchange rates
globally (in the exchangerate table), rather than per-transaction? So once
an exchange rate is set, that rate is assumed for all other transactions
on that date?

If so, that assumption seems broken in that:

* I have accounts with different banks, each sets their own exchange rate
* A bank may set a different rate for different methods of payment
* Rates may change several times during a day, not just at midnight in my

I note that it is possible to alter the exchange rate for a particular
date by saving (not even posting) another invoice. But that seems to
jeopardise the consistency of transactions posted earlier in the day.
Perhaps this is a bug?

Ideally, it seems that exchange rates should instead be stored on a
per-transaction basis. Or do I have this wrong?

I'd appreciate a more knowledgeable opinion!

Many thanks,


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