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Re: Stock Debian Wheezy (stable) install troubles

On Friday, December 05, 2014 05:46:18 PM fmiser wrote:
> I'm having troubles with what I think should be a simple, stock
> install on Debian Wheezy using the default Wheezy package
> (1.3.18-2).
> I can't seem to setup a database!
> See the end of my post for installation details, etc.
> I can browse to, enter
> "ledgersmb" as the user (not "admin", which is what I expected)
> and the password (wordpass) I assigned during the package
> setup (that I thought belonged with the use "admin" but that
> pair doesn't work) , I see this message in the browser:
> ###############
> Database Management Console
> Confirm Operation
> Logged in as ledgersmb
> Unknown database found.
> Cancel?
>  [yes]
> Backup
> [backup DB] [backup Roles]
> ###############
> That doesn't look like it was successful.  But the choices
> aren't helpful either.  What next?

   That's coming up because 'testDB' is not actually a LedgerSMB database;  
it's an artifact of what has been used as part of the automatic setup of the 
LedgerSMB DB administrator (which doesn't work properly, which is why that's 
defaulted not to be run).  Use some other name for the first LedgerSMB database 
you're creating.

   The LedgerSMB Debian package is defaulted to use the name 'ledgersmb' for 
the LSMB Database user to keep that separate from the the PostgreSQL system 
and database user 'postgres'.  To properly configure the ledgersmb db admin 
user, you could use the following SQL:


RJ Clay ('Jame')

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