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permission denied for sequence invoice_id_seq


Using 1.4.7 I have a user/sales person that I want to be able to make
quotes (add,change,remove) and to convert them to invoices and to
create invoice directly. This user when clicking save in the invoice
created from the quote gets the error as shown below.

What role to select to allow this user to save/post/send invoices? I
have currently checked:
- base user
- ar invoice create
- ar transaction list
- sales quotation create/delete/list

2014/11/19 08:37:14 - ERROR - Form::_error LedgerSMB/Form.pm (438) --
dbversion: 1.4.7, company: <company_name>
exit at LedgerSMB.pm line 631.
Compilation failed in require at /usr/local/lsmb14/is.pl line 7.
DBD::Pg::db do failed: ERROR:  permission denied for sequence
invoice_id_seq at LedgerSMB/IS.pm line 1062.
2014/11/19 08:37:40 - ERROR - Form::_error LedgerSMB/Form.pm (437) -- '
                                INSERT INTO invoice (description)
                                     VALUES ('Wed Nov 19 08:37:40 201418223')
ERROR:  permission denied for sequence invoice_id_seq at
LedgerSMB/IS.pm line 1062

Kind regards,


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