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Re: Problems with 1.4.2

Hi Stephen,

On Sat, Oct 4, 2014 at 10:28 PM, Stephen Winnall <..hidden..> wrote:
I have my database (PostgreSQL 9.3) on one Ubuntu 14.04 machine and my LedgerSMB 1.4.2 on another Ubuntu 14.04 machine. I updated LSMB from 1.3.33 (I think) via 1.3.44, 1.4.0  and 1.4.1.

My database contains a small number of entries going back 3 or four years (mainly GL). The language is German (Switzerland).

Problem 1)
My books are closed after a year-end. I tried to reopen them. My browser says:


Access Denied
More information has been reported in the error logs at LedgerSMB.pm line 775.

dbversion: 1.4.2, company: my-company

I get the following error in my PostgreSQL log:

2014-10-04 20:05:51 GMT ERROR:  permission denied for sequence account_checkpoint_id_seq

Ok. Dealing with this one should not be too hard. If you log into your database with psql, you should execute the following command:

  grant USAGE, SELECT, UPDATE on account_checkpoint_id_seq to public;

2014-10-04 20:05:51 GMT CONTEXT:  SQL statement "INSERT INTO 
                account_checkpoint (end_date, account_id, amount, debits, credits)
            SELECT in_end_date, COALESCE(a.chart_id, cp.account_id),
                    COALESCE(SUM (a.amount),0) + coalesce(MAX (cp.amount), 0),
                    COALESCE(SUM (CASE WHEN (a.amount < 0) THEN a.amount ELSE 0 END), 0) +
                     COALESCE( MIN (cp.debits), 0),
                    COALESCE(SUM (CASE WHEN (a.amount > 0) THEN a.amount ELSE 0 END), 0) +
                     COALESCE( MAX (cp.credits), 0)
                (SELECT * FROM acc_trans WHERE transdate <= in_end_date AND
                 transdate > COALESCE(cp_date, '1200-01-01')) a
                FULL OUTER JOIN (
                        select account_id, end_date, amount, debits, credits 
                        from account_checkpoint
                        WHERE end_date = cp_date
                        ) cp on (a.chart_id = cp.account_id)
                group by COALESCE(a.chart_id, cp.account_id)"
        PL/pgSQL function eoy_create_checkpoint(date) line 27 at SQL statement
        SQL function "eoy__reopen_books_at" statement 2
2014-10-04 20:05:51 GMT STATEMENT:  SELECT * FROM "public"."eoy__reopen_books_at"('2011-10-01')

(Yes, I know it says 2011…)

Problem 2)
When I try to add a new journal entry to GL, the form comes up without a pre-generated reference number although System > Settings shows sensible “Next in Sequence” values.

That's correct. 1.4 changed behaviour from 1.3 in the sense that if you don't set a sequence value, the next value is inserted into the ledger. In 1.3, you could update the GL entry page 5 times and the GL sequence number would get increased by 5. Due to this new behaviour, that's no longer the case.
Myself, I usually keep a database for experimenting - a copy from the production database. If you have something similar, you could try my suggestions there first.



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