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Re: lsmb 1.4.0 gui edit latex template permission denied


Thanks for the quick reply. I did find my latex errors after all.
Still for quick changes is the GUI editor handy.

> Invoices are related to languages because you can have separate invoices per
> language. I think you just found an omission: there's no way to select an
> invoice for a specific language. In my own 1.4 install, LedgerSMB says
> "invoice.tex(No language)" so, I guess that's the same.

Indeed, it seems to be missing.

> There's a big
> difference, because I *can* save the invoice.

> You didn't say so, but is this 1.4.0, the released version?
a bit hidden in the subject line, but yes the last final release.

> What you could do is execute the following SQL statement:
>> GRANT UPDATE ON public.template TO lsmb_<company_name>__template_edit;

That did the trick. I do not know why the user setting (where the tick
box "edit template" was checked) was ignored. If you want me to dig
into that let me know.


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