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Re: Ledger-smb-users Digest, Vol 94, Issue 5

On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 1:41 PM, Frans Star <..hidden..> wrote:
Reply to Digest Vol 94, Issue 5

Ref.: Install sickness

Hi Darald,

One tip dont be unfriendly to Open Source People and dont force them to follow your perspective or your thoughts or ideas.

Dont forget these guys (no girls I assume) do this job in their free time without charge.

Sorry - - - had an agreement TO PAY an individual. Something happened (I couldn't find out what) and I was left with no installed software. Can't afford the other pay for install options (Minumum fee quoted $500.)

I reread all of my posts. I gave exactly what I had done. Gave the output and asked what to do or even where to look (RTFM doesn't work if the manual is outdated and/or non accurate!!)

You and I know Ledgersmb is constantly developing. Chris and his core developer team are doing their best to improve the features within LSMB. Consequently this could be result in a different installation procedure. I have experienced this several times and now again. The support I get is wonderful realizing that the person has not all the time of the world.

Indeed LSMB is not the easiest software but it is straightforward. Now I am coping with configuration with Apache 2.4. I have nearly found the clue but still exploring and it is a challenge to find.

For instance I found out that for ubuntu you have to change ledgersmb.conf.default into ledgersmb.conf. Why I dont know but it works.

I have 3 pages of notes on the changes to the instructions that I compiled in trying to install. Was going to write it up so that it would be easier for someone else to effect an install. At this point I don't think there is any interest from the developer community in that information. Yes I found that I needed quite a number of changes because the instructions were for something different.

Again these guys (developers and engineers) need respect.......and open source is an exploring activity.

Why do they NEED respect? If the output doesn't work it doesn't work and respect won't change that.

Okay enough about this. As soon as I have a virtual image of 1.4 working I will message you. Damn...........Apache.....lol.

Thanking you for your consideration!!

So Postgres configuration can be a pain.
Apache configuration can be a pain.
The Perl code doesn't really install correctly and likely needs numerous run throughs.

This is what's called easy to install - - - - hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

I would hate to see hard to install.

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