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Re: 1.4 out of beta estimate?

Hi Jim, 

On Sat, Apr 19, 2014 at 6:43 PM, jim.trainor.kanata <..hidden..> wrote:
Is there an idea when the 1.4 release will move beta to release status?

I will go through a period of experimenting and do some side-by-side
book keeping for a few months while I test and learn ledgersmb.  Maybe
I'm better off just going with 1.4 for this purpose?  It appears to be
quite far along...

There are a few people working to scrutinize 1.4 by using it as their production systems. The accounting logic hasn't been posing any problems, so in that respect you're probably safe. Using it for side-by-side bookkeeping to help scrutinize it, would be very much appreciated!

As to how far along we are: we have branched to make sure any changes on master don't negatively affect 1.4 to help speed up the stabilization process. We want to release soon, but only after we get a good feeling about the state of the software, which we have been measuring by the number of bugs coming in from our own use as well as the use of new users.



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