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Re: LedgerSMB 1.3.39 Release

On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 6:33 AM, Rich Shepard <..hidden..> wrote:
   Now that I have LSMB working I need to pay myself my monthly salary. On
the A/P transaction page the payee data entry widget should be a dropdown
list of vendors, similar to the dropdown list of accounts below that. This is
the same issue as account names in the G/L transaction entry page.

   Similarly, under Cash -> Payment, clicking the Update button does not
display all A/P transactions available for payment, only a blank data entry
field for Overpayment/Advanced Payment/Prepayment.  When I clicked the
'Update' button to choose a vendor to pay I was presented with an entire
frame of unsorted vendor names centered across the line.  Difficult to read
and not being in alphabetical order, difficult to find the one I want.

   When I have selected the payee, the next page does not have any
information on transactions waiting to be paid. I need to enter the amount
myself because it's not transferred from the A/P list of pending

Two options:

1.  Go to System/Defaults, set the max dropdown.  1.3.39 had some bug fixes there.

2.  You can use the text box as a search screen.  Not entering anything brings up a list of vendors to select from. 

   Becasue I do not know how the system will print the check I want to print
on plain paper.  But, my only option is to 'print and post'.  This means I
cannot reprint it without reposting the transaction.  Can you have a 'print'
option that's separate from simultaneous posting?

   I do not print the check:

   1) The address field does not have the street address, only the city and
state.  There's a line reading 'Invalid Country'.

   2) No information under the row with columns for Invoice | Date | Total,
etc. The only data entry widgets are below the Overpayment/Advanced
Payment/Prepayment heading.

   3) My options for printing are Screen/Epson/Laser/e-mail; I don't see my
installed printers listed so I assume that the 'Laser' entry and 'PDF'
format uses my check.tex files to print the check. This is why I want to try
it out first on plain paper.

   Are all these issues addressed in the pdf manual? I've not read that part



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