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how to add/set company contact name and write to invoice


On the invoice I want to have a line with "attention to" if it has a
value. In LSMB 1.2 this was fairly straightforward by adding a name in
the field contact of a company.

In LSMB 1.3.38 I have not managed yet to set a value on the printed invoice.

In the invoice.tex file there is:

<?lsmb IF contact ?>
   <?lsmb contact ?>
<?lsmb END ?>

Where is invoice.tex supposed to get value "contact" from?

I tried the following:
I added a "Billing contact" to table contact_class, and gave that
value some contact person in a company.  Then I have manually set:

INSERT INTO company_to_contact VALUES (7, 18, 'name of contact ',
'some description');

 Table "public.company_to_contact"
      Column      |  Type   | Modifiers
 company_id       | integer | not null
 contact_class_id | integer | not null
 contact          | text    | not null
 description      | text    |

Yet when printing the invoice the contact name does not appear. I read
the manual but it only mentions contact_class. How to write/set value
of "contact" with a contact?



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