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Re: ERROR: permission denied for relation file_links

Hi Max,
>> "access denied" in the browser.
> This was a renamed database?

It is a new DB not renamed. I can recall I had opened the same DB (not
at the same time)  from a different LSMB instance on the same server
though a 1.3.38 release as well. I have two instances to avoid odd
things like this... I guess I better move that to a different server.

One thing to make sure if you run 2 instances on the same server, is to make sure you have different cookies set for the separate instances. It's probably a good idea to use separate http authentication realms. I've contacted Chris to ask why we don't support setting a realm name from the ledgersmb.conf file...

Would that be possible to cause this?

What could be possbile is that you were not logged in with the user you thought you were logging in with, if there were cached cookies and/or credentials around. Any idea if that could have been the case?



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