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Re: vendor on ap transaction not saving

I've been bitten by these bugs too after upgrading to 1.3.38.

> When we create a vendor transaction, enter the vendor and whatever other
> information, when we click the update button the vendor goes back to
> which ever one is on top of the list.

This is fixed in SVN. See bug 1072:

The patch fixing this bug applies cleanly in isolation to 1.3.38.

> Having accidentally clicked save without noticing the vendor issue, we
> also discovered that the invoices are not saved, and the screen doesn't
> change to the one where we have the option to "post as shown".

I've not had time to dig into this enough to submit a bug report, but
commenting out the if block starting around line 1365 of bin/aa.pl  got
things working well enough for me to do some bookkeeping today:

# Comment out the following if block...
#if ( $form->{"old$form->{vc}"} ne qq|$name--$form->{"$form->{vc}_id"}| ) {
#    &update;
#    $form->finalize_request();

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