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New Tags for filtering Release and Security announcements

Hi Everyone,

After a discussion I had with Chris earlier today, Release emails and Security Advisories from Chris will have the following tags added to the subject line.

The following images show how filters should be configured to make best use of these tags for Thunderbird.
The detail will be pretty much the same for other email clients though.

Sorry you will need to download the images as the Mailing List complained when I tried to embed them.

Many of you will already know how to do this, but for those that don't....

It is important to chose "Match all of the following" and "Copy Message to".
DO NOT use "Move Message to" as viewing threads when people reply is then a problem.

Instead of Copying, you could just "TAG" as important or similar (you could even create a "release" tag if you like) which will cause the subject to display in a different color in the message list.

The "begins with" clause prevents matching against replies.
It could be "[Ledger-smb-users]" but leaving out the "users]" part means the same filter works for both the "users" list and the "devel" list if you are subscribed to both. (NOTE: if you are on both lists, you will get 2 copies of most things, BUT NOT ALL)

Make sure you create the folder you want to put copies in first.

From the "Tools" menu select "Message Filters"
Click "New" and complete the filter form as follows.


Click on OK when Done.

Repeat for the "Release" tag as shown below.

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