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I have used a spreadsheet for a general ledger for about the last 25 years and for a long time I couldn't have any more columns than I was already using (I had a sheet developed with about 250 columns). I found ledgersmb and after some time and with assistance was able to get a copy live. I have spent a couple weeks of time each day setting up a chart of accounts to do what I need (farming) that will also keep the federal people happy.

I have run into some things that I either can't find or don't see a way to do.

How do I delete an account or heading from the chart of account?

How do I close off a year?

1. all information is entered
       used to be a monthly spreadsheet
2. used another page (spreadsheet) to put all the columns totals on one page (12 lines)

3. Then I would link cells from that general spreadsheet to the spreadsheet that I developed that mimics the federal tax documents.

4. the next year started with empty pages for each month.
    (the whole think looked very much like an electronic equivalent to a physical multi-column ledger)

When I close off a year I can transfer information to tax documents.

Is there an easy way to link information from the database to other documents?


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