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Re: setup.pl error in LedgerSMB 1.4-b5

Further investigation.
I wonder if setup.pm can not find the postgresql extensions.
Using PgAdmin3 to look at the databases I noticed that the 1.3.37 database has the 
btree_gist, pg_trgm, tablefunc, and plpgsql extensions installed while the databases 
created by 1.4-b5 have only plpgsql.

In my installation of PostgreSQL9.1.9 the bin and the contrib directories are installed

The ledgersmb.conf for 1.3.37 has the comment:
#with postgresql-9.1 this stuff is in /usr/share/postgresql/9.1/extension and is injected 
in database with create extension pg_trgm,btree_gist...
but allows the statement:
contrib_dir = /Library/PostgreSQL/share/postgresql/extension

The ledgersmb.conf for 1.4-b5 has no comment regarding the contrib_dir
The 1.4-b5 INSTALL file contains:
"Please note that the setup.pl file assumes that LedgerSMB is already configured 
to be able to access the database and locate the relevant PostgreSQL contrib 
scripts.  In particular, you must have the  contrib_dir directive set to point
to those scripts properly in your ledgersmb.conf before you begin."

so I added 
contrib_dir = /Library/PostgreSQL/share/postgresql/extension
to ledgersmb.conf but it may not have been recognized

However running 
$ sudo perl ./tools/prepare-company-database.pl --company lsmb143 --pgsql-contrib /Library/PostgreSQL/share/postgresql/extension

generates an error
Unknown option: pgsql-contrib
although the usage statement at line 72 suggests it.

Could this be the source of the install failure?

Best regards,
Paul Bente

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