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Re: opening balances, including stock


Thanks for the comments!

I spoke with my accountant and we found that, this question is in a special case of opening a new book, using some numbers from the old book.

In other words:
- we close the financial year in one book
- we open the next financial year in a new book.

We have to transfer existing stocks, balances etc.

The question in general, what is the proper way to do this, without making accountants and supervisors crazy :)

In our new books there are some accounts, which holds opening values/amounts.

For example, just speak about the stock items.
Let's say, I have 10 units of barebone computers. Already paid last year to the real vendor, it is on the old book (SL) etc.

In the new book, I create a vendor invoice with these 10 barebone computers, where the vendor is the Inventory Entity.
-> If I put the real amounts, I purchased last year, it will increase the:
 4541 - vendor account and 2610 - stock values
 Instead of 4541, we really need to be able to choose the 4910, which is the opening account. Otherwise it seems ok, at least, 2610 has a value, which seems correct, but not the 4541.

I guess the workaround could be in this case: enter the invoice like above and fix it by transfer the amount from 4541 to 4910 as a General Journal entry. -> Accountant will screem and must be careful when the opening values will be transferred from the old book into the new one.

Or should I add 4910 temporarly to AP transactions to be able to put values directly to that account and after the opening process, get out from AP transactions?

-> If I enter discount 100%, I will get 0 on 4541 and 2610. As I checked this option, I can see only 2610 is hit by the invoice, but without value (empty amount), which is not really true, due to that, the stock has a value.

I guess, in this case amount must be transferred from the opening balance (let's say 4910) to 2610 to have stock amounts.


As shown in the example above, opening a new book with initial values and stocks, could be a challange, because accountants will try to find the menu entry: opening books / inventory control.

If there is no such a menu entry for that, there should be a way to do these actions in a correct way, which should be clear enough to pass the control from government :)

So, do you have any experience with this kind of operation?


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