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Re: v1.3.36 fails update on add transaction

Chris Travers said the following on 01/24/2014 01:20 PM:
> can you send me your apache and postgresql logs for the relevant date?
>  You can send it off-list if you want.
Dooh. I found the logs, and they clearly stated the date format used was
wrong. I'm just used to SL - where it clearly complains about the date
format, if it's wrong.. not a particularly helpful error message from
the webinterface :)

One odd thing. Even if I click "tax included" - it still insists on
adding tax to the total.

Normally in SL (under AP->transactions), if I have "tax included" it
will take the amount I enter, and calculate tax from that (ie. $amount /
1.$taxpercent )- and the total will be the same amount as I entered.

If tax included is not set - it will calculate tax "on top of that" (ie.
$amount * 0.$taxpercent ) and add that to the total calculated.

This means I have to calculate the amount ex. tax - which is often not
stated on the invoices.. :(

Klavs Klavsen, GSEC - ..hidden.. - http://www.vsen.dk - Tlf. 61281200

"Those who do not understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it, poorly."
  --Henry Spencer

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