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Re: templates, saving report definitions so they can be done again easily

BTW, we aren't a "use the source, Luke" culture.   We do try to answer the questions on the list.   While we started from no documentation outside of training notes I wrote for SQL-Ledger, we are doing better.  The documentation is not perfect or complete and will probably never be but it is improving.  We do place a lot of emphasis on personal, human help.    Unfortunately, we aren't all on the lists all the time so the lists and irc aren't perfect solutions for timely answers.

If you need a source of timely answers, you may want to look at paying someone to provide basic usability support.  Often times it can be worth saying "Hey, I need a response now instead of trying to find the answer in the manual or waiting for a response on the lists."  This isn't for everyone, but I think it is a point for many.  If it is something you need, feel free to email me off-list and we can talk further and see what can be arranged.  (Also, for any consultants reading this who want to provide such a service generally, certainly email me off-list so we can talk about how to promote it!)

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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