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How to handle payments with exchange loss?


I have a thorny issue I can't figure out how to handle correctly with 

I am based in Switzerland, and I thus I do business in CHF. I have 
customers in Denmark, which I invoice in DKK. When I make the invoice, I 
specify the exchange rate, and LSMB calculates the corresponding amount 
in CHF via the exchange rate on my debitor account. However, when I 
receive payment, the exchange rate the bank gives me is slightly 

Normally, I'd use Cash -> Receipt to record it, but I can't figure out 
how. Should I select CHF or DKK when making the receipt (my bank account 
is in CHF, so the received amount is as well), and how can I 
debit/credit the difference to my exchange win/loss accounts?

Alternatively, I could make a GL transaction, crediting the original 
amount to the debitor account, and splitting the debit amongst the bank 
account and the exchange win acct (I mostly have gains, since I 
specified a conservative rate in the first place).

Or something completely different? Any suggestions?

Kind regards,

Mikkel Høgh <..hidden..>

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