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Re: customers email list


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FeladÃ: "PongrÃcz IstvÃn" ..hidden.. 
CÃmzett: "ledger-smb-users lists.sourceforge.net" ..hidden..  , "Bob Miller" ..hidden.. 
DÃtum: Wed, 28 Aug 2013 08:58:52 +0200

> Got it.
> LedgerSMB/ScriptLib/Company.pm
> relevant part starting from line 372.
> IstvÃn

So, the situation is the following, if anyone interesting:

There is a stored function in the database, called company__search

Based on the result of this function, the mentioned files get info from the returned rows and displayed.

This query does not include contact informations like phone, address, email etc., because these are in other table(s) and does not include in this query.

So, to extend the fields needs the following:





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