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Re: Online Translation system for 1.3 and 1.4

Hi Istvan,

> For those, who would like to translate the system, here is a translation system, running on one of my servers:
> http://translate.startit.hu/pootle
> I use it personally for translating to Hungarian and provide a central portal for translation efforts for existing and future users.
> There are two roles:
> registered user can translate,Â
> unregistered users (visitors) are able to send recommendations
> Everybody can download the files, no restriction.

Thanks for providing this service. Can potential translators find it from the ledgersmb.org site?

I have a question though: when someone contributes to the translations, do these translations find their way into the releases and into distros from there? If so, how? If not, I think that may be an issue for people to contribute.

Do you have any ideas how to address this? After we have a process for it in place, it's probably a good idea to advertise it as *the* Pootle instance for the prject.



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